Privacy Policy

1. Summary

This Privacy Notice is a public document explaining the regular sharing of personal information for the provision of the eCymru website.


eCymru is a platform for any tenant/resident of a Registered Social Landlord in Wales, to access online events such as webinars, online classes etc. The partners have signed a joint controller agreement and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in order to pool resources to co-fund these events and make them accessible to all tenants who register on eCymru.


This Privacy Notice details what personal information is held, the specific purposes for holding it and, the required operational procedures and legal justification for doing so.


As Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) the sharing partners are regulated by Welsh Government.


Normal activities can be summarised as:

Providing access to online resources / courses to support the wellbeing and personal development of tenants / residents.


Our vision

Our vision is to connect the housing community, providing easy access to online groups and events for all eCymru members. We believe in working together to create an easy, accessible place for activities, information and support that will help you live happier and healthy lives.

2. Who we are

eCymru host the online service which provide easy access to online groups and events for all eCymru members. The Joint Data Controllers are all the following members:



Link to Privacy Notice


Aelwyd Housing Association


Cartrefi Conwy

Cardiff Community Housing Association (CCHA)

Denbighshire County Council

Grŵp Cynefin


Linc Cymru

Merthyr Valleys Homes,nuisance%20and%20antisocial%20behaviour%20complaints.


Newport City Homes

Newydd Housing Association

North Wales Housing Association


Rhondda Housing Association (RHA)

Tai Calon Community Housing Ltd.


Valleys 2 Coast

Wrexham County Borough Council


Cyngor Sir Ynys Mon

Digital Communities Wales


Please see partner links for direct information about how each RSL processes your personal data.

Partners will promote and market eCymru to raise awareness of the wealth of resources available.


3. How we collect your information

eCymru collect information at the point of signup to the website for access to these shared resources, names will be cross-referenced with the appropriate RSL and their tenant status has been confirmed, they will be accepted and registered on the platform.


When you provide your personal data, you are doing so under the lawful basis of Consent under Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR for eCymru to process and share your personal data with the partners/RSLs.


We may receive information about you from third parties including referrals from non-member RSLs.


4. What information we collect about you

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Postcode
  • Age range
  • Current/former landlord details
  • Evaluation data
  • Background information (if you choose to participate in any promotional campaigns)
  • Photographs/video blog (if you choose to participate in any promotional campaigns)

5. What processing we do with information collected

The information we require from you is used to facilitate the services on the website, provide you with resources and share with the 3rd party vendor.


Anonymised data may be used to provide metrics/key performance indicators on the success of the eCymru platform.


Personal information is stored and managed within those systems which are maintained to achieve a high level of confidentiality including following best practice cyber security standards.


6. How we will communicate with you

eCymru will communicate with you through the website and by sending emails with confirmation of registration, registration of a course, feedback requests, as well as periodic promotional messages about new content, feedback and case studies.


7. Who we share data with and how long we keep information

As well as the RSLs sharing with each other, once you register for a course (for example) your name and email address will be shared with the 3rd party vendor (course provider etc).


Information provided by you will be retained for as long as you are active on the website. Once your account becomes non-active over 12 months, your account and data will be deleted from the website. You can also withdraw your consent and request early deletion.


8. Where is eCymru hosted?

eCymru is hosted in London – UK Data Centre.

No personal data is being held or transferred outside of the UK.


9. What we will not do

  • We will not send you unsolicited marketing materia
  • We will not sell your personal data on to third partie
  • We will not pass on your personal data to unrelated third parties unless we are allowed or required to do so by law or we have your explicit permission to do tha

10. Your rights, the right to complain and the ICO

You have the right to request a copy of the data held about you as well as other applicable rights under current data protection legislation. Please contact your RSL if you wish to request access to any of your personal data.


The RSL will respond within 1 calendar month.


It will always help if you can be as specific about what personal data you want to see, what it relates to and within what timeframe, as that will assist in the search for your data.


You may wish to withdraw your consent for processing your personal data, please contact:


You also have other rights which can be seen by visiting the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website and reading about Data Protection law at


You have the right to complain about any matter relating to our service, including how we use your personal data:

  • In the first instance please contact your RSLs Customer Services Team
  • If you are still not happy with our service you may complain to the Public Services Ombudsman at
  • If you wish to complain about our use of your personal data you may complain to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) at

11.                 Further information

For further information about eCymru, please see our website at



12.                 Review and changes to our Privacy Notice




Privacy Notice 


Data Protection Officer & Digital Inclusion Officer


Digital Inclusion Officer (Newydd Housing Association)

Last Review 


This version was updated on 29th September 2022. The latest version will be available on our website at (


This will be reviewed annually alongside the joint controller agreement.