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From Zero to Tech Hero: Discover Digital Support on eCymru

eCymru is bringing together registered social landlords (RSLs) in Wales to collaborate on digital support, training, and initiatives to help digitally excluded tenants access and use the internet with confidence.

In the face of rising living costs, access to digital support and initiatives has become more important than ever for tenants. eCymru recognises this need and is hosting both formal and informal sessions to help make tenants aware of the digital support available to them.

At eCymru, we believe that everyone in Wales should have the skills and confidence to use digital technology to participate in society. That’s why throughout April we will be running several events including ‘I.Tea and Coffee’ which is an informal session where tenants can meet and get support and advice to make the most of the internet and ‘Interview Skills’ sessions to help tenants prepare for job interviews and give them the confidence to succeed to help people make the most of the internet during these difficult times.

If you know someone who is digitally excluded and in need of support to access and use the internet, please encourage them to speak to their registered social landlord. They’ll be able to provide them with more information on the digital support and training available through eCymru.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your digital skills and take advantage of the resources available to you. Join us at eCymru’s digital support sessions today!

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