23 Tuesday

Singing for Wellbeing

Tue, 23/01/2024 (2:00 pm - 3:00 pm)


Join Julie from Community Music Wales in a Singing for Wellbeing session! 

“As a Registered Nurse and a Singer, I often wondered how I could amalgamate both careers. Working with children in schools I found that the breathing exercises used in singing were very similar to the breathing exercises used in mindfulness for grounding and lessening anxiety. I attended mindfulness courses aimed at children but that could be adapted for adults within the community. I explored these ideas further and it’s well documented that singing is good for wellbeing. I amalgamated the ideas from both fields, singing and mindfulness, and developed a program that combined the two.” 

The session is designed in a way that good singing technique, music and wellbeing are entwined into a fun session that develops the participants to be able to use taught techniques which helps them sleep, lessens anxiety, gives them the opportunity to explore emotions around the music, in a safe place, and to also enjoy the fun of music through singing.  

Singing techniques of posture, support and breathing is entwined into the sessions to develop a greater achievement of singing well.  

The sessions are built around the group and is inclusive for all. All sessions are individualised for the needs of that particular group with the aim that participants have tools to help them ground during an anxiety or panic attack, sleep better, develop self-confidence and sing with good technique when they next partake in any singing endeavour on the karaoke, within a local choir or even in the shower!  

*This session will be delivered in English. 

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Singing for Wellbeing


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Tuesday, 23/01/2024

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm  

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