Boost Your Productivity with eCymru’s Prompt Base’s Time-Saving Prompts

Are you tired of facing creative blocks and struggling to stay productive? If so, you’re not alone. Many people find it difficult to come up with new ideas and stay motivated.

But there is a new tool that can help you overcome these challenges. It’s called Prompt Base, and it’s a collection of prompts that can be used to spark creativity and boost productivity.

Prompt Base is a free resource that anyone can use. It contains prompts for a variety of topics, including:

Landing your next job

Increasing productivity

Summarising text

Rewriting text

Sparking creativity

Learning something new

To use Prompt Base, simply select the topic you’re interested in and then copy and paste the prompt into Chat GPT, Bard or Bing Chat for it to generate a piece of text that is based on your prompt.

For example, if you’re looking to draft up a new CV, you could use a prompt like “Please draft up a CV using my skills, experiences and hobbies listed below” for the model to generate a CV tailored to your specific skills and experience.

Whether you’re looking to land your next job, increase your productivity, or learn something new, Prompt Base can help you get there. Visit courses today or access our ‘ AI Prompt Base’ directly via the link

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